What’s this guy’s deal?

The world’s foremost Restaurant Industry Employee Advocate slash comedian/songwriter

. . . ’cause there’s a lot of those out there.

8 responses to “What’s this guy’s deal?

  1. Thank you very much for linking to my blog. Good luck, I’ll be following you. -PM

  2. Joe

    Hi Patrick,
    I must admit, I am a newbie when it comes to the blogging scene, but if the rest of your counterparts are as good as you…it will make my experience navigating these waters much more enjoyable.

    I guess if I were to get right down to it, I am hoping you might be able to offer me some guidance or a quick point in the right direction. I recently founded an internet company called Waiting2work.com and our mission is to help find jobs for waiters, bartenders, and hosts (for free) nationwide. On the flip side, we hope to help restaurants staff their business with the front house staff I just mentioned (where it’s free up to a point).

    Any thoughts on how I can get the word out? We are only a few weeks old, have about 20 restaurants that have joined so far, about 100 employee profiles (with about 3,000 hits to our site and close to 8,000 page views which have come in the last 24 hours). Obviously, we want to keep up the momentum and be as effect and efficient as possible in helping to fill this hiring void in the restaurant industry.

    Any thoughts on how to best promote our business? Are blogs the way to go?



  3. Joe

    And it appears as though my ignorance has no bounds. My apologies JerBear.

    • It’s all good Joe.I was wondering why you were talking to Patrick on my page but I guess things happen like that when you spend a lot of time on the computer.

      I checked out your site and I’ve got one question: There’s a hiring void in the restaurant industry? I guess there’s a lot of variance in different parts of the country because there’s always been a lot of qualified applicants in all the places I’ve worked. Good luck though and I will refer people to you when they ask me for job help.

      Sorry I’m not as ‘good’ as Pat, lol:)

  4. Hi
    We are E-mailing you in front of Waiters Today Social network team and we would like your review.Let us know what do you think about how are we doing.Maybe you could have a few good words about our social network in one of yours blogs(and have link to our web site http://waiterstoday.com).We very much appreciate your blog as well as authority that you have.
    Here is a little story about us:
    Waiters Today is a project made by restaurant enthusiasts with the goal of forming a social network that will help all people involved in the restaurant industry. By connecting and interacting directly with real people from the industry, our hope is to promote continued self-education, share information and work experiences, and provide a fun atmosphere for socializing and networking.

    The idea came from a group of friends working together in a fine dining restaurant in Indianapolis. Starting as wait assistance, each has strived to work their way up and are currently working as servers, bartenders, and managers. Working their way to their positions, then maintaining them requires continuous self-education acquired by searching the web, reading books about wine, food, cocktails, and anything else restaurant related.

    So we thought, why not try to connect all of our friends from our industry? Not just in Indianapolis, but all over the country, and hopefully all over the world. After all the restaurant industry is one of the biggest and oldest professions. Here is our opportunity to blog or talk about different restaurant topics with others who understand the restaurant business. We deserve to be connected and to grow in every aspect. Not to mention have our voices heard!

    We would like to call all the restaurant industry people (no matter what your position or experience is), along with all the people and companies also connected to restaurants, to join our web site. Invite friends from the industry and let us all share our experiences and knowledge.
    Sincerely yours
    Waiters Today Social Network!!

  5. The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

    Hi, Jer-Bear.

    I think your blog is great, well-written and informative. As someone who has been in the business for 15 years as a bartender, I wanted to know if you’d like to exchange blog rolls. I’d be happy to put you on mine. I currently have a blog about the bartending life, and I am also a writer for patch.com in which I write about nightlife in my area. Let me know if you’re interested. Great blog! Keep it up.


  6. Waiters Today Blogapalooza 2012
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  7. I’m awarding you a Tell Me About Yourself Award. You might think it’s stupid (I did too) but I was bored as hell. Read mine at http://wp.me/pJUNx-zX or just visit my blog homepage if you’re wary of links in comments, like I am. Feel free to delete this comment if you choose not to do it; I won’t get my feelings hurt.

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