Not A Phan

If you read my blog, I hope you read Mr. Patrick Maguire’s blog Server Not Servant. It is as well-written and positioned as any blog-cum-book out there, and I have to admit that his blog was one of the reasons I dragged my ass into the blogosphere. He and I share a very similar philosophy when it comes to how people in the service industry deserve to be treated, a philosophy that some ass clowns who have a radio show/website/media presence called The Phantom Gourmet apparently do not share.

The Andelman brothers, the people behind The Phantom Gourmet, have already been exposed as being sponsored by a pizzeria company that imports its employees from Brazil and then works them like slaves and pays them accordingly. These gross violations of labor laws and restie dignity have caused a big stink up in Boston. Even though Patick had been invited to join in a radio broadcast, he took a stand and declined to do so until PG ceased to be sponsored by (more or less) slave traders. Bravo Pat! I respect your principles.

Being sponsored by a company with very questionable hiring practices is one thing but now the Andelman brothers have stooped to an all-time low by making an outright attack on service personnel-specifically hostesses-on their radio show. They basically called a hostess a moronic, stupid monkey because she couldn’t seat them at a table until the dining room was open as per the rules of the restaurant. But that’s not all. They later went on to say that ALL hostesses were incompetent and incapable of doing anything other than asking ‘how many’ at a host stand. Dear reader(s) I think you know where I stand on this.

I heartily invite you to join me and Patrick in emailing the Andelmans and the radio station that airs their show and really anybody else you care to about this if you find it to be as unacceptable as we do. The full details of the program in question can be found on Server Not Servant, including the full audio and a written transcript as well as the email addresses of the radio station and the people behind PG.

Let them know that you are Not A Phan of people trashing those of us in the restaurant industry and telling other people that they can do the same. Let them know that we are worthy of . . .


Dignity and Respect

Me, The Jerbear



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5 responses to “Not A Phan

  1. Tremendous post. Thank you very much to you and all of your readers for your support.

    “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men” -Abraham Lincoln

    Grateful-Patrick Maguire

    • Thank you for bringing it to my attention, buddy. Please let me know if you get any responses to your emails and for god’s sake if you are invited on the show again take the opportunity to educate some fools. Or tell them to call me if you are better with the written word than the spoken word. I cc’d you the email I sent to Greater Boston Media but I forgot to cc you the email I sent to the Andelmans. Let me know if you want a copy.

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  3. I think [if you read my comments at Patrick’s blog] you know how I feel.

    Then the Aldermans went on to say their show is satire and they were being facetious. Yeah, right. Mike sounded dang serious to me – he has very little use for those he deems under him and he put that poor hostess in his sights the minute she told he no while actually doing her job.

    He acts and sounds like a petulant 3 year that screams at their Mommy “You’re mean. I hate you.” when they didn’t get the Happy Meal they had been whining about for the last 10 minutes.

    What I don’t understand is – who CAN’T wait 20 minutes to be seated and be served appropriately. This guy has serious issues if his patience is so short he can’t wait 20 minutes for a meal. Life is too short to be in that kind of hurry.

    I posted this over at Patrick’s but it is apropos so please forgive me for sharing it again :

    “Rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength.”

    Sums them up perfectly.

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