Below You

Here’s a little tale from a restaurant I worked at:

It was a busy saturday night when a friend of mine needed to get one of the pitchers from the wait station that was underneath the computer I was using. Now no guy wants to put his hand near another guy’s junk without fair warning so he notified me by saying ‘Below You!’

Me being me I could only reply in one way. I said ‘No thanks, dude. I’m straight. And married. To a woman. And my birthday is coming up soon.’

If you aren’t getting this then read it out loud and it will make more sense.




Dignity and Respect

Me, The JerBear


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3 responses to “Below You

  1. That’s pretty funny. Reminds me of the SNL Jeopardy skit where Sean Connery answers/wagers “Below Me”

  2. LOL…I’m not a guy, but I can see my husband not wanting anybody Below Him.

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